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Reality (*some assenbly required)

Checkerboard Illusion
Our reality is like gold to King Midas.
Consider an illusion that has the benefit of being unbelievable each time you see it, no matter how many times that is. In the Checkerboard Illusion, the squares labeled A and B are the same color, same shade, same hue, same everything. Square A is actually lighter than it appears, square B darker. A photometer could tell you this. And so could your brain, but it doesn't. It knows they're the same because your eyes tell it so, but delivering unaltered information to your consciousness isn't its job. Rather, in regard to square B for instance, it takes what it expects (square B should be lighter because that's how a checkerboard is designed) and what it reasons (square B is darker than it should be but that's because it's in shadow), and lightens up square B in your reality to the way it should look. It alters your square B. It constructs it.

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